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Digital Marketing for Immigration Advisers, Lawyers and Recruitment Agencies: We know what it takes to help you succeed in the digital age.

For small firms, it may be too much, but that’s where we come in. MarketMaxNZ specialises in digital marketing, brand development and social media marketing to help your small business stand out in the digital space.

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We will turn your small business into brand.

Our team works alongside small firms across New Zealand to formulate digital marketing strategies, social media management, graphic design, website design, videography, photography, analytics and integration.

MarketMaxNZ is here to initiate, integrate, automate, track and analyse your company’s digital growth, so that you can focus on building success without falling behind in the continually evolving digital space.

Our Origin Story

MarketMaxNZ began as the marketing department for a start-up immigration firm in New Zealand, with the goal to reach as many people as possible. After many long days of learning, formulating, and trial and error, we were able to help VisaMaxNZ to grow and change the immigration industry to become a successful market leader.

Now, we’re offering digital marketing services to immigration advisers, small law firms and recruitment agencies. We  combine our expertise, methods and insights with your company’s vision to achieve your goals.

Key growth results for our clients

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Enhance your digital marketing strategy with our comprehensive services, offering tailored solutions for immigration advisers, small law firms and recruitment agencies aiming to amplify their online presence and achieve growth.

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    Digital Marketing

    We manage your online presence, including strategy, social media marketing, Meta ads, email marketing, telemarketing and Google ads.

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    Whether it's logos, business cards, signs, banners, presentations or something else, we can take your branding to the next level, or help you redesign a whole new look.

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    Photography & Videography

    Professional photography and videography services to put a human face to your brand name.

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    Web Development

    Need a new website? We can help at a tailored cost to your needs. We offer SEO, hosting, analytics and site maintenance.

Meet our Team

Our friendly team of digital marketing experts have made it their passion to excel in their respective fields.

We appreciate creativity and encourage people to think outside the box, spread their wings and succeed. We know that continuous innovation betters our service and what we offer those we work with.

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Client Feedback

Thanks to Our Valued Clients:

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Paula Hems | Rural People

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Paula Hems | Rural People

Bevan O'Connor | VisaMaxNZ

Our team are happy to chat and find the best digital marketing strategy for your firm or agency.

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